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Week 3

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We had a great third week of camp! We worked really hard this week on cleaning and finishing things up, so we can have the best show possible. We started the week off finishing our blocking and choreography, we then ended the week with a "Wet Tech" where we ran through the show completely with fulls sets, tech, and sound. We also put on a costume parade for our directors, to make sure we all looked perfect for our characters. Now we are ready to put on four amazing shows for our family, friends, and community!


Behind The Scenes....

Shout out to our awesome backstage crew; Macey and Lucas! They have been working hard all month helping to paint and build sets. Tuesday we spent the day creating rose bushes for the scene "Painting The Roses Red" and Wednesday we created big cards for our Royal Cards to wear in our show. Keep an eye out for these set pieces and costumes! We wouldn't be able to put on this production without the help of our awesome backstage crew!


Activity Time....

This week during activity time we had sing alongs, dance parties, made bracelets, and talked with friends. Our favorite activity this week was kickball! We jammed out to our favorite soundtrack; The Greatest Showman, and had fun playing with our counselors and friends!

Disney Day


This Friday's theme was Disney! This was by far our most creative theme day! We had a bunch of super cool costumes, and group costumes too. We all went full out in our favorite Disney characters and Disney merch. All together we were one crazy Disney filled cast!

Our Funny Quotes

  • Chris "we are filming thursday so-" matthew "THANK YOU BECAUSE MY GRANMA CANT COME"
  • “Lets face it the white rabbit is the real queen”-Logan

  • Matt L w/ spacebuns: “I’m lily now”

  • Macey: “Guys I found a ghost hunter!!” Macey: *looks at janitor*

  • “Max, I feel like you’d be the kind of guy in your family to start fights” -Lea

  • "I only sit at the peanut free table because the sun shines on it and it looks all happy " -Ryan

  • *Ben makes creepy sounds* jill : "Ben you know you sound like a monster"
  • Max: “What do you call a blonde dinosaur?” Matthew L: “MAX!”

  • “Did the people who made this opening number want to torture us?” -Connor 

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